Do you dare to challenge the status quo? Are you the type of  leader, who willing to come out of comfort zone, venture into exciting territories, adapt to today’s reality, excited for tomorrow and be BOLD with your manoeuvres?

Then this is program for YOU!

This structured and high impact “STAR.me” program is designed to bring out the best of each participants before achieving the right recipe in creating the synergy of the team. You can’t pour water from an empty glass. Through years of experience and lessons learnt from clients of all sizes – small giants to fortune 500 companies - this program approaches self-development and team synergy via a holistic method. All aspects of life of an individual to the team chemistry at large, are interdependent of each other. We’ll begin with concise modules and effective activities that are tailor made to enhance awareness, tap into their fiery passion, and accessing the hunger of every individual employee. Leadership prowess on the other hand, is boosted with series of segments that shall translated to a leader that’s hands on, approachable, creative, visionary and inspiring. As the company is scaling up, it’s paramount that the team members are also levelling up and rise to the challenges. Our 2 days packed modules and activities tackle today’s game of businesses, from planning to execution to delivery and everything in between. Team Synergy program is built for TODAY – the era of ever changing environments at an unforeseen rapid pace with disruptive technologies and human social interaction evolution.

How does a company’s magnitude of success is measured?


The answer could be one or probably all of the above. Regardless how it is measured, it’s all arguably comes down to;  the synergy of team members & the leadership that inspires and enhance the synergy.

The game changer of Team Synergy program – the seamless integration of valuable contents and physical sports activities. Let’s bid farewell to the decades old and predictable team building content and activities. In line with our holistic approach, participants’ mind, body and soul shall be fully engaged throughout the program. Key components of the program and lifetime values are delivered via cutting edge and proven badminton related activities. As Malaysia’s No.1 sport that’s held so dear to all Malaysians, there’s more to badminton than meets the eye. Adding more firepower to this program, participants shall have the opportunity to learn, socialize and gain massive values from top Malaysian and International shuttlers including the Olympic medallists. Secrets and lessons of top performing athletes are now revealed and incorporated into corporate and business daily grind. The fate and career of top athletes can change in minutes or seconds, so as the fate of a company. Add high performing athlete’s mental, physical and tactical secrets and life performance hacks into your company’s arsenals. Participants shall also have clear indicator of their existing physical condition and they’ll take home valuable effective and efficient workout routine to achieve optimum physical health regardless of busy schedule. With reasonably faster heart rate, participants’ minds shall be easily stimulated and hence completely immersed in the flow state activities. Team Synergy program delivers to you both the psychology and the mechanics. The employee’s “why” shall be aligned with the company’s “why”. The company’s goal is entirely synched with employee’s goal.


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Certified NLP Practitioner                                                       
Customer Service & Branding Specialist
Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

Angelin has over 10 years working experience including: banking, retail sales, F&B and automotive sectors. She was leading the Marketing & Corporate Sales Division in one of the F&B Company owned by Tun Dr. Mahathir. Angelin with her creative flair and energy is a Certified Image Consultant that specializes in image training and consultation for both professional and personal groups. Angelin who is also a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming has used the NLP techniques to train and coach corporations or individual on developing the persuasion ability, rapport building and communication by understanding human behaviours. 


Master in Economics                                                                            
Corporate Youth & Sports Developer

PUBC Team Manager
Former Russian National Player

Experienced professional and expert in the field of sports management, sports tourism, corporate and youth development, talent sourcing, project planning and management consultancy. Besides of being an entrepreneur, and a former Russian national badminton player, Irina is also a Master in Economics from Russian National State University of Finance, Law and Technologies. Irina is  a prize-winner of All-Russian Badminton tournaments, quarter-final and semi-final of the series of stages of the European, Asian and World Grand Prix.

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Corporate & Youth Sports Program Developer
Certified Badminton Coach
Former Head of Operations at Badminton Asia Confederation

A 13 years veteran in high performance and fitness industry, Jiva was head of operations in Asia's Government Body for Badminton - Badminton Asia Confederation. Jiva has worked in almost all tiers of sport in Malaysia starting from various badminton clubs nationwide, to the chief coach of Selangor Badminton Association before taking part the task as Development Manager in the BAC.
 Having worked on more then 80 international projects in more then 20 countries worldwide, Jiva is also responsible for establishing the BAC 2013-2016 Strategic Plan - the blueprint on the progressive directions of the BAC in the Olympic Cycle.


Certified Badminton Coach
International Badminton Player
Bachelor of Degree - Foundation of Business Studies

With broad badminton international experience and work in the corporate environment Jeremy had achieved and acquired valuable skills such as leadership, planning and organisation, communication & responsibility. Jeremy, gained the experienced and understanding on the importance of team work. Coaching experience in Malaysia and overseas enhanced his coaching and leadership skills.





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