Malaysia Badminton Experience

 is a unique badminton journey for those seeking high level badminton and an exciting travel experience.We offer badminton training and vacation packages for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are an aspiring professional, or just a wandering badminton soul, we have something that will suit every taste and budget.We are here to create your very own special Malaysia Badminton Experience….

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With our creation - "Malaysia Badminton Experience", we’re offering the opportunity to travel to sunny warm MALAYSIA, often regarded as the badminton Capital of the world, to TRAIN, TRAVEL and PLAY the favourite sport at the same time.

Why Malaysia? Malaysia is famous for its professional badminton players. A well-known sporting nation, the country hosts a large number of badminton stadiums and courts for professional tournaments and everyday exercise. Apart from that, Malaysia is a tourist heaven, with its balmy climate all year round, beautiful beaches, a large variety of the best food you can find, and a culture unique to its people.

We believe everyone can Discover an Athlete in themselves. Just a matter of well planning, evaluation & management, combined with highly skilful coaches and well kept secrets of Malaysia Badminton knowledge.

Our program guidelines based on methodologies developed in Malaysia, the UK and approved by the World Badminton Federation, where performance gains are incredibly applied and the progress is measured. In essence, we blend traditional ‘Eastern’ values of hard work, discipline and mastery of skills, with ‘Western’ methods that emphasise technical understanding, measurable progress and positive reinforcement. Only in Kuala Lumpur, where the great cultures of the badminton fraternity meet is such an approach possible.


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Malaysia Badminton Experience Services & Products

3 different packages – suited to the each customer level of experience and interest

Package 1


Targeted to professional / ex-professional badminton players

Package 2


Targeted to social badminton players, adult badminton amateurs

Package 3


Targeted to parents who want to expose their children to the sport

Packages inclusive of:

  • Short and/or long-term intensive badminton training.
  • Sparring sessions and friendly matches with Malaysia’s ex-national players, current international players from all over the world, state teams and clubs.
  • Training camps for groups.
  • Watch live training sessions of current national players.
  • Chance to participate in local club tournaments.
  • Watch world top ranked badminton tournaments (Malaysia Purple League, Malaysia Grand Prix Gold, Malaysia Super Series) - **seasonal
  • Tour and sight-see around KL City Centre, local beaches, national parks, and more.
  • Experience proper world-class badminton training for children with the help of qualified coaches.
  • Pick up basic pointers on how to improve their game and strategies in matches.
  • Parents get to travel and sight-see local delights while the children pick up a new skill.

    All 3 packages also applicable for other variety of sports our customers may choose for their perfect vacations. We are dealing with the top range golf clubs, scuba diving companies, flying sports academies in Malaysia and much more.

" There's nothing better than great sports and great vacations... "

Your Malaysia Badminton Experience

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